II-Kaya Ises and Cooyah Clothing Jamaica Photoshoot

If you have seen any posts on social media of Cooyah Clothing Brand, you’ve probably seen model, advocate, and brand ambassador, II-Kaya Ises strutting her stuff in some of their clothing. 

Cooyah is a clothing brand that has been making a name for itself for a while, just like II-Kaya. They originated in the one and only, Kingston, Jamaica.


It’s Fate

While not from Kingston, she was born an islander from Trinidad and Tobago, just a hop and a skip away from Jamaica.

Cooyah and II-Kaya first became connected through Facebook and built a bond that has lasted years. 

Not only an advocate for their brand, but II-Kaya has also built a bond with Homer and Cooyah that is truly genuine and family-like.

As II-Kaya puts it, “he saw what she couldn’t yet see in herself”.

The duo have such huge love and respect for each other, that it is hard not to smile when listening to them talk about the other!

II-Kaya explained to us that Cooyah had reached out to her on Facebook before she even gained her thousands of followers, exquisite modeling portfolio, and community of people who are helping her BE THE CHANGE. They saw something great in her - and they were right!



It seems that no matter what II-Kaya does, Cooyah Clothing is not far behind her.

Recently she scheduled a trip to visit her elders back home before things with COVID-19 made it any harder than it already is. 

Being the thoughtful soul she is, II-Kaya knew she had to stop in the old, original stomping grounds of Cooyah’s first shop in Kingston.

While she and her photographer, Jason Barnett, were taking a couple of pictures after landing they were stopped by police and told to put their masks on, even if they were in the middle of a photo shoot.

After asking politely if they could please finish the shoot as it was for Cooyah Clothing, the officer immediately befriended the two and gave them directions to move just down the street so that they could be in front of the first-ever Cooyah Clothing store. 

They had no idea where they were or that they were so close to a real piece of home for Homer and the Cooyah family he has created. It’s like she is drawn to them!


First Timer

This was II-Kaya’s first trip to Jamaica. 

And she loved the island so much that she has already scheduled her next trip! 

We think it was the food and people she encountered along the way that’s keeping her coming back for a second trip so soon.

While visiting Port Antonio in Portland, she was greeted by Gilligan of Gilligan Steamers with some wonderful ital, followed by Steve Gazebo’s, and Kush Millenium Victory for some more mouth-watering ital. 

These restaurants were so catering to her, she couldn’t stop raving about them!

Being a woman who enjoys a meatless diet, sometimes it is harder to come by good places to eat… Except when you are in Portland and Montego Bay! 

Pure Soul

Cooyah could not have picked a more pure soul to collaborate and build a relationship with. II-Kaya is so full of light and goodness, it just radiates off of her when she speaks or does anything in front of the camera.

She has many job titles, but advocate is the one that stands out the most to us. This gorgeous human has been on the front lines when it comes to the legalization of marijuana, being the change that you want to see in the world, and just making a positive change. She uses her large social media following to speak up about these issues while raising awareness and funds. 

It’s no secret that Cooyah Clothing and II-Kaya Ises are a brand collaboration worth paying attention to. They are changing the world through good vibes, good music, good apparel, and good content.

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